“Go to Helen Hunt for It”


"Miss Helen Hunt knows all the spooks, And calls them out of dusty nooks." In case of uncertainty or loss, one is advised to turn to Miss Hunt. The song concludes when "Spain wanted money very bad." Spain had to "go to hell and hunt for it."


The final verse of this song, which reveals the true reading of the name "Helen Hunt," refers clearly to the Spanish-American War. Spain, faced with insurrection in Cuba, tried to get international support, and failed. Isolated, Spain could not give in to American demands fast enough, and the U.S. went to war -- with disastrous results for Spain. Meanwhile, the American press has utterly besmirched the Spanish reputation, leading to scornful remarks such as those found here. - RBW

Historical references

  • 1898 -- Spanish-American War


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Author: Harry Connor?
Earliest date: 1898? (Copyright listed on undated sheet music)
Keywords: political magic war
Found in: US(So)