“Girl from Clahandine”


Before the singer leaves for America he bids his friends adieu and tearfully leaves his girl. He finds no one in America as true or kind as the girl he left behind. When he has enough gold he'll return to marry her and settle in a cottage in Clahandine.


Notes to IRClare01: ."..it has obviously been re-written from the popular 'The Girl I Left Behind' to place its location around North Clare. Saint Bridget's Well [he was born near there] is at Liscannor a few miles south of Luogh."

The verse structure, final line of two verses, and a few other lines follow Laws P1A but the story line does not follow any "The Girl I Left Behind" that I know. - BS


  • Michael Flanagan, "Girl from Clahandine" (on IRClare01)


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Author: Tom Flanagan (source: notes to IRClare01)
Earliest date: 1974 (IRClare01)
Found in: Ireland