“Ginger Blue”


Walky, talky, Ginger Blue, White man run, but the nigger he flew." "Wakin' talkin' Jinger Blue, I can tell you might true, I'm just from the Tennessee mountains. Take a drink of beer as sweet as water That flows from the Tennessee fountains."


The notes in Brown suggest that his text (the "Jinger Blue" version) might be derived from "Walkin' in the Parlor" as well as the nineteenth century pop song "Ginger Blue." Possible -- but with only a fragment, it's beyond proof. - RBW


  • Charlie Oaks, "Ginger Blue" (Vocalion 15344, 1926)
  • Arthur Tanner, "Dr. Ginger Blue" (Columbia 15479-D, 1929)


  1. Randolph 298, "Ginger Blue" (1 fragmentary text)
  2. BrownIII 496, "Jinger Blue" (1 fragmentary text)
  3. Roud #11762
  4. BI, R298


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1926 (Randolph)
Keywords: nonballad
Found in: US(So)