“Get On Board, Little Children”


"The gospel train is coming, I hear it just at hand... Get on board, little children (x3), There's room for many a more." The train will carry all who wish to board, and "the fare is cheap."


Gail Greenwood points out that a number of sources credit this (as "The Gospel Train") to John Chamberlain (1821-1893). This includes an old (but undated) printed "ballet." It is not clear whether he was responsible for the music. Cohen mentions this attribution but without comment on its value.

The title in the ballet is "Rail Road Hymn." - RBW

Cross references

  • cf. "Cindy" (tune)
  • cf. "I Want To See Jesus" (lyrics)


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Author: possibly John Chamberlain
Earliest date: 1872 (Seward, _Jubilee Songs_)
Found in: US(SE)