“George Mann”


Charles Mann recalls his quiet youth. He describes murdering John Whatmaugh along with Gustave Ohr (blaming the deed on Ohr). They fly but are captured. He grieves for his father, come to see him die. He warns young men against his crime

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George Mann
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Story of George Mann

From Mary O. Eddy, Ballads and Songs from Ohio, #122, pp. 276-277.
From the inscription on the back of a photograph, said to be of
Mann, in the possession of Mrs. Lydia Lormer of Dalton, Ohio.

1. My name is George Mann, --
      This name I shall never deny;
   Which leaves my aged father
      In sorrow for to cry.
   It's little did he ever think
      While in my youthful bloom,
   He brought me to Kansas
      To meet my fatal doom.

2. It was Gustave Ohr and that old man
      While laying in a mossy bed,
   When Ohr quickly jumped upon him
      And struck him in the head.
   He struck him with a coupling-pin,
      Which killed him dead at heart,
   Which caused his dear and loving wife
      From her husband to depart.

3. It is the only one
      For he has murdered him.
   John Whatmaugh is the last one
      That he shall ever murder.
   He murdered him with a coupling-pin,
      Then he quickly turned around
   And tore the clothing from him,
      And dragged him to the ground.

4. He said, "Now, I have murdered him,
      Now let us fly away,
   For if they find it out
      It will be an unlucky day for me."
   Then to Beloit we quickly fled,
      Thinking to escape;
   But the hand of God was against us --
      Indeed we were too late.

5. The day of my execution
      It will be heart rending to see
   My father, come from Kansas,
      To take a last farewell of me.
   He flew into my arms
      And most bitterly did he cry
   Saying, "My dear, beloved son,
      This day you are doomed to die."

6. Now my life is ended,
      I from this world must part,
   For of my bad misfortune
      I am sorry to my heart.
   Let each young wild and vicious youth
      A warning take by me:
   Be led by your parents
      And shun bad company.


As "The Story of George Mann," this song is item dE38 in Laws's Appendix II. - RBW

Historical references

  • 1879 - George Mann and Gustave Ohr attack, rob, and beat to death John Whatmaugh. They are condemned to death later in the year

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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1939 (Eddy)
Found in: US(MW)