"Fylemore you're the place for merry sport and singing and the chief amongst them all is the charming beagle hunting" The singer describes the draghunt route and its "swift horses and fine riders." The riders are named. At hunt end all retire to the pubs.


OCanainn p.16, quoting his friend Olan Dwyer on draghunting: "They drag a piece of meat with stuff put on it to give it a good scent. There were two fellows -- whips or huntsmen -- fellows who were used to running -- and they had a special course laid out. Usually the start would be about two miles up on the hill and these two fellows would start with the meat about four miles away -- one could come back this way towards the start and the other would go on to the finish. When the fellow going to the start would finish they'd leave off the hounds and the first dog in the gap would be the winner. There'd be a raffle for the spectators -- they'd buy a ticket and draw a dog and they'd get the money if they won. There would be a bookie there as well."

OCanainn: "Fylemore is near Cahirciveen in Co Kerry. It was famous for its draghunt and dogs went to it from all over Cork and Kerry." - BS


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1978 (OCanainn)
Found in: Ireland