“Fuller and Warren”


[Amasa] Fuller has become engaged to a woman, who however chooses to abandon him for [Paul] Warren. Fuller accuses Warren of saying that he (Fuller) was already married, and shoots him. He is sentenced to hang


Although this song is sometimes attributed to Moses Whitecotton, Belden has information that Whitecotton wrote a *different* poem about this particular event.

The reference to the hanging of Haman on the gallows so high is an allusion to the Biblical book of Esther (especially 7:10). The story of Samson and Delilah is told in Judges 16:4-22. The references to Eve causing Adam's fall are obviously to Genesis 3.

The reference to "Genesis, Judges, Samuel, Kings, and Job" seems confused; the texts in Belden apply it to various doctrines, and I can't see how the books listed combine to teach any of the doctrines cited. - RBW

Historical references

  • Jan 10, 1820 - Amasa Fuller shoots Paul (Palmer?) Warren in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Fuller was later hanged.


  • Anna Underhill, "The Indiana Hero" (on FineTimes)


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Author: sometimes attributed to Moses Whitecotton
Earliest date: 1874
Found in: US(MW,NE,Ro,So,SW) Canada(Mar)