“From Ogemaw”


The song, in its entirety: "I'm a ramblin' wreck of poverty/From Ogemaw I came/My poverty compels me/To split wood in the rain/But in all kinds of weather/Be it wet or dry/I'm bound to gain an honest living/Or lay me down and die"


This fragment may be part of another song, but it's impossible to tell. - PJS

Looks to me more like an agglomeration of common lines, e.g. from "Son of a Gambolier" or one of its offspring and "I Walk the Road Again" (though it might be a much-worn-down version of the latter) - RBW

Cross references


  1. Beck 24, "From Ogemaw" (1 text)
  2. Roud #8860
  3. BI, Be024


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1941 (Beck)
Found in: US(MW)