“Farewell to Miltown Malbay”


Singer recalls his "bright and pleasant youth ... in Clare" He names the places he walked and danced and people he met. Church bells ring and men pray. "If e'er I find this act devout beyond the ocean foam" he'll be reminded of his last day home.


  • Kitty Hayes, "Farewell to Miltown Malby" (on IRClare01)
  • Tom Lenihan, "Farewell to Miltown Malbay" (on IRTLenihan01)


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Author: Tomas O hAodha (Tom Hayes)(1866-1935) of Miltown Malbay (source: Munnelly/Deasy-Lenihan)
Earliest date: c.1922 (O hAodha, _The Hills of Clare and Other Verses_, according to Munnelly/Deasy-Lenihan)
Found in: Ireland