“Farewell My Friends (Parting Friends; I'm Bound for Canaan)”


"Farewell, my friends, I'm bound for Canaan, I'm trav'ling through the wilderness. Your company has been delightful... I go away behind to leave you, Perhaps never to meet again, But if we (n)ever have the pleasure, I hope we'll meet on Canaan's (shore)"


The Sacred Harp contains a piece called "Parting Friend," and two entitled "Parting Friends." None is the same as this piece. One of them is the same as the piece indexed as "Our Cheerful Voices (Separation).". - RBW


  1. Lomax-ABFS, pp. 564-565, "Parting Friends" (1 text, 1 tune)
  2. Thomas-Makin', p. 170, "Farewell to Carter County" (1 short text, possibly this piece though with only three stanzas it is hard to tell)
  3. Roud #15559
  4. BI, LxA564


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1933 (Jackson)
Found in: US