“Far Above Cayuga's Waters”


"Far above Cayuga's waters, with its waves of blue, Stands out noble Alma Mater, glorious to view." In praise of Cornell University: "Hail to thee our Alma Mater, Hail! all hail! Cornell!"


For some reason, this seems to be the most popular of all official college songs. Of course, it is also the most parodied (see the cross-references).

The tune, "Annie Lisle," is dated by Fuld to 1858; the source of the words is uncertain, but Fuld credits them to the authors listed here. They were probably written in 1872, but first published in 1876. - RBW

Same tune

  • Far Above Cayuga's Waters (Parodies) [File: EM348]

Cross references


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Author: Music: H. S. Thompson. Words: Archibald C. Weeks amd Wilmot M. Smith
Earliest date: 1876
Keywords: nonballad
Found in: US