“Euabalong Ball”


"Oh who hasn't heard of Euabalong Ball, Where the lads of the Lachlan... Come bent on diversion from far and from near." Description of rowdy annual party among shearers and other sheep-station workers, all get drunk and have a grand time


According to Paterson/Fahey/Seal, A.L.Lloyd reworked this from "The Wooyeo Ball" to make it more singable. "The Wooyeo Ball" apparently dates back to 1888, but is rare in tradition, so this song seems to justify a separate listing. - RBW

Cross references

  • cf. "The Wooyeo Ball)


  • A. L. Lloyd, "Euabalong Ball" (on Lloyd4, Lloyd10)


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Author: rewritten by A. L. Lloyd
Earliest date: 1956 (recorded by A. L. Lloyd)
Found in: Australia