“Erin's Flowery Vale (The Irish Girl's Lament)”


The singer chances to see a young couple talking. He is about to take ship for America. She repeatedly expresses her fear that he will forget her. He promises to be true. They kiss; he departs; the singer leaves


For the relationship of this song to "The Irish Girl," see the notes on that song. - RBW

The location of this song is sometimes taken to be in "Dobbins Flowery Vale." Morton-Ulster explains: "Dobbins Flowery Vale is part of what was the estate of Colonel Dobbin, on the edge of the City of Armagh. Colonel Dobbin was M.P. for the area in the late eighteenth century."

Also collected and sung Kevin Mitchell, "Dobbin's Flowery Vale" (on Kevin and Ellen Mitchell, "Have a Drop Mair," Musical Tradition Records MTCD315-6 CD (2001)) - BS

Cross references


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1925 (Sam Henry collection)
Found in: Canada(Mar) Ireland