“Ed Hawkins”


"Come stand around me young and old And see me welcome death so bold." The singer warns others of his misdeeds, says that he is arraigned for murder and sentenced to die; he prepares for the afterlife and declares, "I do not fear to meet the grave."


According to Thomas's informant, "Ed [Hawkins] was promised to seven women, married four, killed seven men, and was scarce twenty-one when he died on the scaffold." Both the songs recorded by Thomas show the singer as penitent -- but neither mentions Hawkins by name; they are not the standard goodnight by any means. - RBW


  1. Thomas-Makin', pp. 165-167, (no title) (1 text, 1 tune; also a fragment on p. 164 allegedly about the same event and by the same author)
  2. BI, ThBa165


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1939 (Thomas)
Found in: US(Ap)