“Early Monday Morning”


"Early Monday morning the maid came at the door With her shoes and stockings in her hand and I don't know what before. I tied up her garter so neatly and so trim She threw her arms apart and I hugged her quietly in"


Creighton-Maritime: "[The singer] probably knew more verses but, being questionable, he refrained from singing them."

From _Jefferson Democrat_,Hillsboro, Jefferson county, Missouri, FRIDAY, 23 DECEMBER 1870 "JEFFERSON COUNTY SIXTY YEARS AGO - .... If, by chance, a young lady fell heir to a pair of shoes -- as times improved -- when she went abroad she always carried her shoes and stockings in her hand until near her journey's end, when she would stop and put them on, smooth back her hair, and all was right." (Source: rootsweb pub site) See a similar note in _Early Settlers of Sangamon County -- 1876_ by John Carroll Power at rootsweb site.

Note also the following from "The Maid of Ballymore": Markie Bawn's sweetheart has just told him she will marry if he gets her parents consent. "Markie Bawn he was overjoyed at hearing the good news, And to make him go the quicker, he tied on his shoes. He went straight to my mama ...." Markie may as well been trying to make a good impression, which he does. - BS

Cross references

  • cf. "Cindy" (floating verses there and many other songs)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1950 (Creighton-Maritime)
Keywords: courting clothes
Found in: Canada(Mar)