“Dying From Home and Lost (Companions, Draw Nigh)”


"Companions draw nigh, They say I must die... Only a sigh, only a tear, Only if sister or mother was here Only a hope to comfort and cheer, Only a word from the Book so dear." The dying singer seeks some sort of Christian comfort before the end


Randolph reprints a clipping that allegedly explains this song. A young man was fatally wounded in a construction accident. He asked for a hymn, or for the reading of some Bible verses; neither could be supplied (the other workers knew no relevant songs, and no Bible was at hand). The young man lamented his death away from home, family, and the comforts of church.

It should be noted that neither the date nor the name of the young man is supplied. - RBW


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Author: S. M. Brown
Earliest date: 1892 (Songs of Zion)
Keywords: death Bible religious
Found in: US(SE,So)