“Down By the Riverside (Study War No More)”


"I'm gonna lay down my sword and shield Down by the riverside... And study war no more." The singer describes coming to heaven, and living in peace with Jesus.

Same tune

  • Three Little Maids, "Ain't Gonna Study War No Mo'" (Bluebird B-5860, 1935; rec. 1933)


  • Dixie Jubilee Singers, "I Ain't Gonna Study War No More" (Banner 7237/Domino 4206/Challenge 937 [as Jewel Male Quartet], 1928)
  • Elkins Payne Jubilee Singers, "Down By the Riverside" (Paramount 12071, 1923)
  • Fisk University Jubilee Quartet, "I Ain't Goin' to Study War No More" (Columbia A3596, 1922; rec. 1920)
  • Jimmie Lunceford & his Orch. "I Ain't Gonna Study War No More" (Columbia 26938, n.d.; Columbia 35567, 1940)
  • [Lester] McFarland & [Robert] Gardner, "Down By the Riverside" (Brunswick 108/Vocalion 5127, 1927; rec. 1926?)
  • Golden Echo Quartet, "Study War No More" (Deluxe 1005, 1945)
  • Memphis Minnie [Lizzie Douglas], "Down by the Riverside" (Conqueror 9936, 1941)
  • Missouri Pacific Diamond Jubilee Quartette, "Study War No More" (OKeh 8472, 1927)
  • Morehouse Quartet, "Down by the Riverside" (OKeh 4887, 1923)
  • C. Mae Frierson Moore, "Going to Study War No More" (Paramount 12323, 1925)
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  • Oak Ridge Quartet, "Ain't Gwine to Study War No More" (Capitol 40057, 1947)
  • Pete Seeger, "Study War No More" (on PeteSeeger14) (on PeteSeeger15) (on PeteSeeger44) (on PeteSeeger48)
  • Pete Seeger & Sonny Terry, "Study War No More" (on SeegerTerry)
  • Sister Rosetta Tharpe, "Down By the Riverside" (Decca 48106, n.d. but probably 1950s)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1920 (recording, Fisk University Jubilee Quartet)
Keywords: war religious nonballad
Found in: US(SE)