“Don't Leave Your Mother When Her Hair Turns Gray”


"Stick to your mother, Tom, And don't you leave her worry, lad." The singer, who lost his father at a young age, reminds Tom of how his mother cared for him. So Tom is advised to care for mother, even when her hair turns gray


Apparently originally titled "Stick to Your Mother, Tom," but I've used the only title I found in tradition. - RBW

Cross references


  1. Randolph 717, "Stick to Your Mother, Tom" (1 text, 1 tune)
  2. Roud #7380
  3. BI, R717


Author: Words: Charles Osborne/Music: Ernest J. Symons (?)
Earliest date: 1885 (sheet music)
Keywords: age mother sailor orphan
Found in: US(MW,So)