“Dolly Grey”


"I have come to say goodbye, Dolly Grey; It's no use to ask me why, Dolly Grey; There's a murmur in the air... So it's time to do and dare, Dolly Grey." The singer bids Dolly a sad farewell and goes off to join the "boys in blue"


Meredith/Covell/Brown report this to have been popular during the first world war, though written some decades earlier.

According to Eversley Belfield, _The Boer War_, p. 13, Britain entered the Boer War "bursting with enthusiasm and self-confidence, many people thinking that it would be ended by Christmas [the ultimatum came October 9 and expired October 11]; the song 'Goodbye Dolly Gray' echoed popular feeling."

Spaeth's _A History of Popular Music in America_, p. 312, seems to imply it became a hit in 1900. - RBW


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Alternate titles: “Goodbye Dolly Gray”
Author: Will D. Cobb and Paul Barnes (according to Spaeth)
Earliest date: 1983
Keywords: soldier separation
Found in: Australia