“Dolly's Brae (IV)”


July 12, [18]49 an Orange march is intercepted by Catholic Ribbonmen but "we did them greatly scar." The Orange "were the conquerors of Crossgar." For loyalty to the Pope the "false misguided heretics ... will be rewarded in the regions down below"


As in "A Dream of Dolly's Brae," the Catholic priest among the Ribbonmen is named Morgan; "Dolly's Brae (I)" mentions two priests and "Dolly's Brae (III) names them Mooney and Murphy.

For a reference to Crossgar see "Defence of Crossgar." For a sense of the times and the antagonism caused by sectarian parades note that "Crossgar" is the St Patrick's Day between the "Dolly's Brae" July 12 events. - BS

For background on Dolly's Brae, and other songs on party fights, see the notes to "Dolly's Brae (I)." - (RBW, BS)

Historical references

  • July 12, 1848 - Catholics occupy Dolly's Brae, County Down, and divert an Orangemen's march.
  • July 12, 1849 - Catholics occupy Dolly's Brae but the Orangemen would not be diverted. At least thirty Catholics are killed in the fight. No Orangemen are hit. (source: Zimmerman)

Cross references


  • Robert Cinnamond, "Dolly's Brae" (on IRRCinnamond01)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1955 (IRRCinnamond01)
Found in: Ireland