“Didn't It Rain”


"Now didn't it rain, children...." Various events related to the flood: "It rained 40 days and 40 nights...God sent a raven to carry the news...." "God sent Noah the rainbow sign...." "They knocked at the window and they knocked at the door...."


For the statement that the rain fell for forty days during Noah's flood, see Gen. 7:12 (the total duration of the flood is given in 7:17, 8:6? as 40 days and in 7:24, 8:3 as 150 days; the different numbers are believed to have come from different sources).

Nowhere does the Bible mention people asking Noah to take them aboard. Nor was the raven sent as a warning; rather, Noah sent it out to look for dry land (Gen. 8:7). The covenant of the rainbow is described in 9:13f. - RBW


  • Biddleville Quintette, "Didn't It Rain" (QRS 7073, 1929)
  • Famous Blue Jay Singers of Birmingham, "Oh My Lord Didn't It Rain" (Paramount 13126, 1932; on VocalQ2)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1929 (recording, Biddleville Quintette)
Keywords: religious Bible flood
Found in: US(SE)