“Dear Cork City by the Lee”


The singer is far from Cork but recalls its hills, chimes, streets, restaurants in Coal-Quay, hurling and "Glen Rovers' Christy Ring"; "now for the finish we'll drink a pint... We can never forget ... the night we won the Free State Championship"


The first and second verses -- before the hurling verses -- remind me of "Cork's Own Town" (I) for the description of local streets and Fishamble or Coal-Quay restaurants.

OCanainn: "I suppose it is just possible that there are people looking at this song who might not be aware that Glen Rovers Hurling Club is situated in Blackpool, on the Northside of the city. Equally, it is possible that they might not know that Christy Ring, one of the most famous hurlers of all time, is the 'rock of Cloyne' referred to in the song, for Cloyne, in East Cork, is his native place though he now lives in the city. The 'eight counties in a row' refers to their many victories in the Cork County Championship." - BS


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1978 (OCanainn)
Found in: Ireland