“De Boatman Dance”


A minstrel song about a boatman's life, observing that there is no one like a boatman. "O dance, de boatman, dance all night 'till broad daylight, And go home wid de gals in de morning. Hi, ho, de boatman row, Floating down de ribber on de Ohio"

Cross references


  • Elizabeth Cotten, "Boatman Dance" (on Cotten02)
  • Byrd Moore & his Hot Shots, "Boatman's Dance" (Gennett, unissued, 1930)
  • Eleazar Tillet, "Come Love Come" (on USWarnerColl01) [a true mess; the first verse is "Nancy Till", the chorus is "Come, Love, Come, the Boat Lies Low," and it uses part of "De Boatman Dance" as a bridge.)


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Author: Daniel Decatur Emmett
Earliest date: 1843 (copyright)
Found in: US(SE)