“Darby O'Leary”


The singer is hired by Darby O'Leary to work at his Galbally mountains farm. The supper is sour milk, the barn "covered with rats," terrible sleeping conditions: "such woeful starvation I never yet seen ... May he or his offspring never live long"

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Darby O'Leary
  Partial text(s)

          *** A ***

As recorded by Kendall Morse on "Lights Along the Shore,"
Folk-Legacy FSI-57, copyright 1976. A revival version, but
it's one of the rare full texts.

One evening of late as I happened to stray,
To the County Tipperary I straight took me way
To pick the potatoes and work by the day
For a farmer called Darby O'Leary.
  I asked him how far we were bound for to go,
  The night being dark and a cold wind did blow.
  I was hungry and tired and me spirits were low,
  For I got me no whiskey nor water.

(4 additional stanzas)


Creighton-SNewBrunswick is a fragment; broadside Bodleian Harding B 26(619) is the basis for the description. - BS


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  • Tom Lenihan, "The Cranbally Farmer" (on Voice05)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1960 (Creighton-SNewBrunswick)
Keywords: farming work ordeal
Found in: Canada(Mar) Ireland