“Daniel Cooper”


The drinking and sexual adventures of Daniel Cooper and others. When the Piper's wife lifts her smock he "claw'd her." He lies with a milk-maid who leaves happy but pregnant. Lady Cardle says he's a bonny loon. A widow dances naked for highland boys.


One text of Opie-Oxford2 523, "We're all dry with drinking on't" quotes the first verse of "Daniel Cooper"

Broadside Bodleian Douce Ballads 1(51a) includes the tune which, the broadside says, is "a Scotch tune, called Wally on't, Or, We'l welcome you to Yarrow. Up go we, Or, Jenny Gin.." - BS


  • Bodleian, Douce Ballads 1(51a), "Daniel Cooper" or "The High-land Laddy," P. Brooksby (London)), 1683


Author: 1683 (broadside, Douce Ballads 1(51a))