“Cowcadden's Heroes”


The key members of Orange Lodge One-Six-Two are named. Then the singer puts himself at the Boyne. "When we ... had safely crossed I fell into a dream" of Joshua leading "us" across Jordan and around Jericho until "it came tumbling"


For the Battle of the Boyne, regarded as a liberating event by Irish Protestants, see the notes to "The Battle of the Boyne (I)." Joshua's exploits are only marginally parallel to the events of 1688-1690: The crossing of the Jordan was unopposed, and the river bed was dry (see chapters 3-4 of the book of Joshua). And the Boyne was a straight battle, unlike the siege of Jericho, which was -- a siege (see Joshua chapters 5-6). It can't even be compared with the siege of (London)derry, because Jericho was captured by assault, while Derry withstood its siege. - RBW


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1987 (OrangeLark)