“Coney Isle”


Verses that ought to be floating if they aren't already: "Some folks say that a preacher won't steal/I caught three in my corn field"; "Make that feather bed... Old man Brown gonna stay all night." Chorus: "I'm on my way, I'm going back to Coney Isle."


The "Coney Isle" referred to was Coney Island amusement park in Cincinnati, Ohio, not the better-known Coney Island in New York. - PJS

Cross references


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  • Roscoe Holcomb, "Coney Isle" (on Holcomb1, MMOKCD)
  • Frank Hutchison, "Coney Isle" (OKeh 45083, 1927)


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Alternate titles: “Alabam”
Author: Frank Hutchison
Earliest date: 1927 (recording, Frank Hutchison)