“Come All You Warriors”


Lay down your arms! Father Murphy will "cut down cruel Saxon persecution" He excels Caesar, Alexander and Arthur. His victories are listed until Enniscorthy. If the French had come we would have won. But we still have our pikes and guns.


The claim that the Irish would have won is sadly typical of the 1798. But the real problem is that the Irish rebels of the time did *not* have many guns; they often fought nearly unarmed. For examples of this, see the notes to "Father Murphy."

Historical references

  • May 26, 1798 - Beginning of the Wexford rebellion
  • May 27, 1798 - The Wexford rebels under Father John Murphy defeat the North Cork militia
  • June 5, 1798 - The Wexford rebels attack the small garrison (about 1400 men, many militia) at New Ross, but are repelled
  • June 21, 1798 - The rebel stronghold a Vinegar Hill is taken, and the Wexford rebellion effectively ended

Cross references


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1798 (Zimmermann)