“Cocaine Bill and Morphine Sue”


"Cocaine Bill and Morphine Sue, Strolling down the avenue two by two," decide that a shot will do them no harm. They try to find cocaine, though it is no longer sold in the stores. Now they are dead and buried; no one knows where they went


Cocaine was outlawed in the early part of this [the twentieth] century, which is probably why Bill and Sue couldn't get it at the drugstore.

This is clearly related to the cross-referenced pieces, but it includes more narrative than "Cocaine Blues", and lacks the "drug-afflicted possessions" so characteristic of "Cocaine Lil". I call it a separate song. - PJS

This is clearly so; even if it arose from one of the other cocaine songs (all of which have a certain sameness), it has gone its own way. - RBW

Cross references


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1959 (recording, anonymous singers)
Keywords: drugs death
Found in: Britain(England)