“Charlotte the Harlot (I)”


When a rattlesnake slips into the vagina of Charlotte the Harlot, "the pride of the prairie," her cowboy boyfriend draws his pistol, shoots at the snake, but kills Charlotte instead. Her funeral procession is forty miles long.


According to Walker D. Wyman, _Wisconsin Folklore_, Univeristy of Wisconsin extension (?), 1979, p. 3, a graveyard in the infamous town of Tombstone, Arizona, has a grave marker which reads

Here lies the body of good old Charlotte,

Born a virgin, died a harlot,

For 14 years she kept her virginity

Which is quite unusual in this vicinity.

Wyman suspects it's a fake to attract tourists. - RBW

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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1961 (Austin E. Fife collection)
Found in: Australia Britain(England) US(SW)