“Catting the Anchor”


Shanty. Moderate 3/4 tempo. "Pull one and all. Hoy, hoy. Cherry men! On the cat fall! Hoy, hoy. Cherry men! Answer the call! Hoy, hoy! Cherry men! Hoy. Hau-lee. Hoy! Hoy! Oh cherry men!"


  1. ADDITIONAL: Captain John Robinson, "Songs of the Chantey Man," a series published July-August 1917 in the periodical _The Bellman_ (Minneapolis, MN, 1906-1919)."Catting the Anchor" is in Part 2, 7/21/1917.
  2. BI, RobCatAn


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1917 (Robinson in _The Bellman_)
Keywords: shanty worksong
Found in: Britain