“Casey's Whiskey”


Casey and the singer get drunk and meet policeman Flannigan. They invite him to have a drink. Although "drinking's against the law." Flannigan doesn't notice the bottle is empty. He takes Casey in but lets the singer go as too much of a handful.

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Casey's Whiskey
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          *** A ***

From Helen Creighton, Songs and Ballads from Nova Scotia, #73, pp. 150-151.
"Sung by Mr. Ben Henneberry, Devil's Island."

Me and Patrick Casey went out for a spree,
He got a bottle for himself and another one for me,
We trudged along together till our hands and feet were sore
And every drop that we did drink it made us wish for more.

Bad luck to Casey's whiskey, it made us feel so frisky,
We drank the bottles empty till of course we couldn't stand,
Then the streets we rambled, we staggered and we scrambled,
And sang a song the whole night long of gay old Paddy's land.

(4 additional stanzas)


This song is item dH51 in Laws's Appendix II. - BS


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1932 (Creighton-NovaScotia)
Keywords: drink humorous police
Found in: Canada(Mar)