“Carrickmannon Lake”


Singer meets the "Venus of the north" at Carrickmannon's lake. He says, "Give me my way or else I'll stray." She tells him to depart. He would leave Killinchey for her sake and go to North America. He warns other young men to shun the lake.


Killinchey and Carrickmannon Lake are in County Down.

The date and master id (GB-4734-1) for Hayward's record is provided by Bill Dean-Myatt, MPhil. compiler of the Scottish National Discography. - BS


  • Sarah Anne O'Neill, "Carrickmannon Lake" (on Voice04)


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  2. Roud #5177
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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1932 (recorded by Richard Hayward)
Found in: Ireland