“Captain Coulston”


Captain Coulston's ship sails for America (carrying Irish emigrants?). She is overtaken by pirates. Following a desperate fight, Coulston and crew defeat the pirate; his wife shoots the pirate chief. They take the pirate ship to America as a prize


Early versions of this song, such as Sam Henry's, make no mention of emigration; this may have been a later addition.

All versions seem to reveal a not-very-smart pirate: He demands the passengers give up their valuables, and then he'll sink them. In such a context, what choice was there but to fight? - RBW

Cross references


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Alternate titles: “Captain Colstein”; “Captain Colston”; “Captain Coulson”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: before 1886 (broadside, Bodleian 2806 b.10(58))
Found in: Ireland Canada(Ont)