“Cap'n Paul”


Captain Paul and the seven men of the Big Mariner set out from Kennebunk(port) for the West Indies. The ship foundered in a gale; the six crewmen were drowned and only Captain Paul was saved

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Cap'n Paul
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From Helen Hartness Flanders and Marguerite Olney, Ballads
Migrant in New England, pp. 241-242. From Charles L. Cook of
Kennebunk, Maine. Collected 1941.

'Twas in the month of September
In the month of September we hear
Brig Mariner sailed over the bar
From Kennebunk away she went
To the West Indies she was sent.

(21 additional lines, arranged mostly in 4-line stanzas, but
the division into stanzas appears defective.)


Charles L. Cooke, who gave this song to Helen Flanders, said it was about his great-grandfather, Jeremiah Paul. - RBW


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1941 (Flanders/Olney)
Found in: US(NE)