“Bold Dighton”


The French on Guadeloupe have imprisoned hundreds of seamen. Dighton offers 500 guineas to relieve their distress and is himself imprisoned. He manages to free all the prisoners and, fighting off a pursuing ship, escape to Antigua


Mackenzie attributes this to P. Russell (of whom I know nothing) -- but this is based on an advertising blurb on a broadside copy, and we know what those are worth. - RBW

"Being the account of an action fought off Gaudaloupe (sic.), in 1805, where ninety-five Americans, and near three hundred Britons made their escape from the prison at that place." (Source: Note included in America Singing as101290 broadside) - BS


  • LOCSinging, as101290, "Bold Dighton," L. Deming (Boston), 19C


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Author: P. Russell?
Earliest date: 1928 (Mackenzie); also in at least some versions of the Forget-Me-Not Songster
Keywords: prisoner escape
Found in: US(MW) Canada(Mar)