“Bob-a Needle”


"Well oh bob-a needle bob-a needle, And oh bob-a needle." "Bob-a needle is a running, Bob-a needle ain't a-running." "And oh bob-a needle, bob-a needle... You got bob-a"


Courlander reports that a source suspects this title to be a mistake for "bobbing needle," but as he does not list either his own source or the source of the speculation, it is difficult to know what to make of this. - RBW


  • Children of Lilly's Chapel School, "Bob a Needle (Bobbin Needle)" (on NFMAla6, RingGames1)
  • Pete Seeger, "Bob-a-Needle" (on PeteSeeger21)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1950 (recording, children of Lilly's Chapel School)
Keywords: playparty nonballad
Found in: US(SE)