“Blow Yo' Whistle, Freight Train”


"Blow yo' whistle, freight train, take me down the line...." "That old freight train movin' along to Nashville, Holds a charm that is a charm for me, Makes me think of good old boomer days gone by." The singer wants to ramble but cannot


This song feels like it "ought to" have another verse, probably in which the singer explains that he can't leave his family/home/something, which makes me wonder if there isn't something which predates the Delmore Brothers recording. But Cohen mentions no such thing, and I have never met such a song. - RBW


  • The Delmore Brothers, "Blow Yo' Whistle, Freight Train" (Bluebird 5925, 1935)


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Author: probably the Delmore Brothers
Earliest date: 1935 (recording, Delmore Brothers)
Keywords: train nonballad