“Blinded by Shit”


An old woman, who must relieve herself, empties her bowels out a window. A passing night watchman (or cowboy) looks up, and is blinded by shit.


Probably of British music hall origins - EC

Cross references

  • cf. "Vilikens and his Dinah (William and Dinah) [Laws M31A/B]" (tune & meter) and references there


  1. Cray, pp. 125-128, "Blinded by Shit" (2 texts, 1 tune); see also under "Ditties," pp. 264-268, which contain other verses that fit "Sweet Betsy"
  2. Roud #10306
  3. BI, EM125


Alternate titles: “Blinded by Turds”
Author: unknown
Found in: Australia Britain(England) US