“Bill Vanero (Paul Venerez)”


Bill/Paul hears that a band of Indians is coming, and rides to tell his love Bessie Lee and her fellow ranchers. Fatally wounded, he writes a warning in his own blood. The letter is carried by his horse, and the ranch is saved


Logsdon notes a complicated story here. He states that Eben E. Rexford published "The Ride of Paul Venerez" in 1881. But it was in 1882 (July 17) that the White Mountain Apaches broke out of their reservation. Riders did bring warning of the outbreak, which allowed the settlers to protect the Burch Ranch near Payson, Arizona.

There is no documentation of a rider named Billy Vanero, so while the Rexford poem was probably adopted to the Arizona situation, the details are anything but clear. - RBW


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Alternate titles: “Billy Vanero”
Author: Eben E. Rexford (as "The Ride of Paul Venerez")
Earliest date: 1881 ("Youth's Companion")
Found in: US(So)