“Bannow's Bright Blue Bay”


The singer recalls "where Bannow's Buried City lies beneath that bright blue sky." He remembers "one midnight as the moon went down beneath Rathdonnel's hill" when "the stormy sea" broke over it and it never woke again.


Bannow is a Wexford townland and parish. There is a "buried city" but I have no details on how it is supposed to have been lost. The Wexford tourism site does list "the Buried city of Bannow" among Bannow's attractions. - BS

Cross references

  • cf. "The Rising of the Moon" (tune; I assume not "The Wearing of the Green" - BS)


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Author: Rev Philip Doyle, O.S.A. of Maudlintown, Wellingtonbridge
Earliest date: 1943 (Ranson)
Keywords: sea storm disaster
Found in: Ireland