“Ball of Yarn”


The narrator asks a pretty little miss "to wind her ball of yarn." He contracts gonorrhea, then is arrested nine months later, and sentenced to the penitentiary, all for "winding up that little ball of yarn."


Randolph-Legman has extensive notes on the history of this ballad, tracing it to Burns's "Yellow, Yellow Yorlin." - EC

It should be noted, however, that Cray's tune does not match the versions of "Yellow, Yellow Yorlin," and while there are lyrical similarities, the metrical pattern is also slightly different. - RBW

The song of which this is almost certainly a parody can be found [in the Library of Congress online collection]. - PJS

And said song is pretty bad; it begins

It was many years ago,

With my youthful blood aglow,

I engaged to teach a simple district school.

I reviewed each college book,

And my city home forsook,

Sure that I could make a wise man from a fool.

Mister School Committee Frye thought 'twould do no harm to try,

To see if unruly scholars I could l'arn.

When his daughter I espied, with her knitting by her side,

As she wound up her little ball of yarn.

The singer wooed and won the girl in short order, and now that he is old, he remembers the good old days every time he sees her darning socks! - RBW

A broadside id for a Library of Congress reference is LOCSheet, sm1884 20995, "Winding Up her Little Ball of Yarn," White, Smith & Co. (Boston), 1884 (tune); the sheet music attributes the words to Earl Marble and the music to Miss Polly Holmes.

Mary Ann Haynes version on Voice20 lacks the gonorrhea and arrest touches; the girl has a baby and warns other young girls to "never trust a farmer." - BS

Cross references


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Author: Unknown; parody of "Winding Up Her Little Ball of Yarn" (words: Earl Marble; tune: Polly Holmes)
Earliest date: 1890; original song copyrighted 1884
Found in: Britain(England) Ireland US(MA,MW,Ro,So,SW)