“Back Bay Hill”


The singer meets a girl "tripping and slipping down (Back Bay Hill)." They are married the next day. They have three children; during a disagreement about names, the father insists the child be named after the hill! He advises others to visit the place

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Back Bay Hill
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          *** A ***

From Helen Creighton, Songs and Ballads from Nova Scotia, #101, pp. 217-218.
From Frank Faulkner.

One day in December I'll never forget.
A charming young creature I first met,
Here eyes shone like diamonds, she was dressed up to kill,
She was slipping and sliding down Back Bay Hill.

  And sing fall de dol doodle dum,
  Fall de dol doodle dum,
  Fall de dol doodle dum,
  Lidy I die.

(4 additional stanzas)


Creighton reports, "[Informan Frank Faulkner] learned this song while sealing in 1902.... The name Back Bay may be changed to any hill in the place where the song is sung." - RBW

Blondahl: "Signal Hill, St John's, is famed for many deeds (and mis-deeds) which have taken place over the past three or four centuries." - BS


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1932 (Creighton-Nova Scotia)
Keywords: courting children
Found in: Canada(Mar,Newf)