“Baby, All Night Long”


Floating blues verses; "I'm going to the depot/Look up on the board"; "If I had listened/To what mama said," etc. Chorus is "All night long/Baby, all night long/Got the Richmond blues/Baby, all night long."


The Oscar Craver recording uses the same tune and structure, but most of the lyrics are variants on "Mary Had a Little Lamb" verses. - PJS

Same tune

  • Byrd Moore, "All Night Long" (Gennett 6686, 1928/Conqueror 7259 [as by Oscar Craver], 1929)

Cross references


  • [Clarence] Ashley & [Gwen] Foster, "Baby, All Night Long" (Vocalion 02780, 1934)
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Alternate titles: “Richmond Blues”
Author: unknown (credited to Ada Jones & Shelton Brooks on the Stanleys' recording)
Earliest date: 1924 (recording, Roba & Bob Stanley)
Found in: US(SE)