“As I Went Down to Newbern”


"As I went down to Newbern, I went there on the tide, I just got there in time To be taken by Old Burnside." The singer complains of his treatment and bets that the Yankees will run every time they fight the Confederates


This short little item looks both fragmentary and composite; the first part is about the Union occupation of northeastern North Carolina, but the second is a boast against the Yankees. They might belong together, but I suspect the final stanza was grafted in after the New Bern song lost most of its verses. - RBW

Historical references

  • Feb. 7, 1862 - Burnside's North Carolina expedition approaches Roanoke Island
  • Feb. 8, 1862 - Burnside defeats Henry Wise's local troops to capture Roanoke Island
  • Mar. 14, 1862 - Burnside takes New Bern
  • Apr. 26, 1862 - Burnside captures Beaufort
  • July 3, 1862 - Burnside and some 7500 of his troops are transferred to the Army of the Potomac


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1913 (Brown)
Keywords: Civilwar prisoner
Found in: US(SE)