“Arrival of "Aurora," "Diana," "Virginia Lake," and "Vanguard," Loaded”


"All welcome to the northern fleet That just arrived today, Pounds filled up with prime harp seals." The accomplishments of Captain Kean, Captain Barbour of the Diana, Captain Knee of the Virginia Lake, and of the Vanguard are listed

Cross references

  • cf. "First Arrival -- 'Aurora' and 'Walrus' Full" (ships, theme)
  • cf. "Arrival of the 'Grand Banks' and 'Virginia Lake' With Bumper Trips" (theme, ships)
  • cf. "The Sealer's Song (II)" (ships)


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  2. BI, RySm073


Author: possibly Johnny Burke
Earliest date: 1978 (Ryan/Small)
Keywords: hunting ship