“Anstruther Camp”


The singer describes the winter he spent in Anstruther, working under Archie Patterson, who "could see daylight coming almost any hour at night." The crews work very long hours and enjoy the food. The singer urges women to marry shanty boys

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Anstruther Camp
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From Edith Fowke, Lumbering Songs from the Northern Woods, #13, p. 58-60.
Collected from Joe Thibadeau, Bobcaygeon, Ontario, October 1964.

Oh, come all my brave companions, I won't detain you long.
It's all about last winter I will tell you in my song.
'Twas in Anstruther township where we were bound to stay,
And we worked the whole long winter there for very little pay.

(8 additional stanzas)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1964 (Fowke)
Keywords: lumbering work travel
Found in: Canada(Ont)