“An Anti-Rebel Song”


"Oh, now the rebellion's o'er, Let each true Briton sing: 'Long live the Queen in health and peace, And may each rebel swing." Sir Francis Head is blessed, as is Canada; it is hoped that "Mac" (Mackenzie) will be hanged


In 1828, William Lyon Mackenzie was elected to the British parliament on a platform of better, less oligarchic government for Canada. Parliament expelled him. He was re-elected in 1832, and expelled again.

By 1837 the Canadians were so desperate that they rose in rebellion. But they had no organization and few weapons, and Governor Sir Francis Bond Head had little trouble suppressing the rebellion.

Passions among the victorious patriots were high, as pieces like this one (published in a Tory newspaper on February 8, 1838) shows. Mackenzie and others fled to the United States; several of their followers were executed. Mackenzie himself remarked that they were "not hung for treason, but because [I was] not forthcoming." - RBW

Historical references

  • Nov 1837 - Rebellion breaks out in Canada
  • Dec 7, 1837 - Loyalist forces begin the march which results in the utter defeat of Mackenzie's forces

Cross references


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1838 (Cobourg "Star" newspaper)