“All Night, Jesus, All Night”


Jesus is taken from Gethsemane, brought before Pilate, told, "Here is your cross," then crucified. Refrain: "All night, Jesus, all night"


As often happens, this is rather a mix of accounts from the gospels. The name "Gethsemane" occurs only in Matthew 26:36=Mark 14:32. But Jesus's only contact with Pilate, in Matthew and Mark, consists of two exchanges. Pilate first asks if Jesus is the King of the Jews. Jesus answers with the highly ambiguous "You say [so]." Then Pilate asks Jesus what his response is to the charges of the crowd and the priests; Jesus refuses to answer.

Nowhere is Jesus told "Here is your cross." In the Gospel of John, however, Jesus and Pilate have extended conversations, and only in John does Jesus carry his own cross (John 19:17; in Mark 15:21 and parallels, Simon of Cyrene carries the cross for him).

In a probably-irrelevant addendum, Jesus was on the cross only during the day; had he not died before nightfall, the soldiers, in fact, were ordered to hasten the prisoners' death to ensure that they were not around during the night (John 19:31-36). - RBW


  • Unidentified men from Andros Island, "All Night, Jesus, All Night" (AAFS 503 A1, 1935; on LomaxCD1822-2)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1935 (recording, men from Andros Island)
Found in: Bahamas