“All Hail the Power of Jesus's Name”


"All hail the power of Jesus's name, Let angels prostrate fall, Bring for the royal diadem And crown him lord of all." The "chosen seed of Israel's race" and "sinners" are urged to "spread your trophies at his feet."


This is one of those hymns that ends up with a zillion tunes. Oliver Holden (1765-1844) wrote the first one, in the process making the song popular. Holden's tune seems usually to be published as "Coronation." This ws the only tune I found in a Lutheran hymnal I checked. A Methodist hymnal had two other tunes: Miles' Lane (listed as by William Shrubsole, 1760-1806) and Diadem (as by james Ellor, 1819-1899); the same three tunes appear in a Baptist hymnal, though without the detailed attributions. My 1871 _Original Sacred Harp_ has it to Coronation, Cleburne (as by S. M. Denson), and Green Street (as by J. J. Husband c. 1809). - RBW


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Author: Words: Edward Perronet (1726-1792), adapted by John Rippin (1751-1836)
Earliest date: 1793 (published with a tune by Olver Holden)